Your Boracay Travel Guide


Featured on many travel websites, blogs, and network shows, Boracay is known for being a popular tourist spot. This small island, located in the Central Philippines, is home to white sand beaches, luscious palm trees and greenery, and an abundance, of tourists.


Boracay is divided into different stations, 1-3. Depending on the station you are staying at, tells you how involved you want your experience to be. 



Station 1

This area is where the higher end hotels and resorts are located. You will find a more secluded scenery for privacy as well.


Station 2

This is the busiest section of the three. This includes outdoor vendors, a mall, and many restaurants. This is just like a boardwalk but on the sands of a beachfront. 


Station 3

This station is more laid back, fewer people and restaurants. If you're looking for a good R&R and a fresh juice drink straight out of a coconut, this is the spot for you.



There are so many activities!



An outdoor mall that has many shops for summer clothes and shoes.

Outdoor Vendors:

Many vendors sell cute souvenirs, waterproof bags/phones cases, outdoor massages on the beach, hair braiding stations, etc.


There are a variety of restaurants that are not limited to Filipino cuisines. They have a range from Japanese, Italian, they even have a McDonalds and Starbucks.

Night life:

Mostly located in station 2, there are many karaoke bars and clubs that you can party the night away.


Boracay Adventures

There are many activities that you can do at such an affordable price. We booked all our activities through Boracay Adventures

For around 2000 Philippines Pesos (PP), $40 USD, per person, can get you parasailing at its highest altitude for 15 minutes. This can be a group of 2-3 people. Banana Boating can cost as low as 300 PP or $6 USD per person.


My family and extended family decided to take part of the Island Hopping Adventure. This was basically a whole day trip, which included a lunch buffet. Boracay has many small surrounding islands (ex. Crystal Cove and Magic Island) that can take less than 10 minutes by boat. You get around 45 minutes to an hour at each island, also, a 30-minute snorkeling session in between. Be aware, there may be some in activity fees. 


Sibuyan Sea (East of the island by Bulabog Beach) -- See Map


Here is where you will find all the water sports activities since the water is much calmer with little to no waves. 


Sulu Sea (West of the island by the stations) -- See Map


Activites such as sail boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing are found on this side of the island due to bigger waves. 


Island 1
Island 2


* Affordable, close to the beach, many food options, nightlife, activities, and an overall breathtaking view.

* This is an opportunity that you want to add on to your bucket list of destinations to visit.



* Vendors constantly trying to sell you items (Can be rude and insisting)

* The best things to do is to be patient and polite by letting them know you are not interested.



* Be aware of your personal belongings.

* If you are protective of your personal space, stay in station 1 or 3.

* If you are planning on purchasing and souvenirs, items for yourself, or even activity packages, haggle the prices. Most likely you will be able to get the cost down. 


Hotel Accomodations

The first hotel I stayed at was La Carmella de Boracay Hotel , and the second was Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel. Both were very beautiful hotels, but stay tuned for the full review as I rate all the hotels I have stayed at during my entire trip in the Philippines. 


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(Edit Sep. 25, 2017)*

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