Sunday Starter

What if you could turn your worst day of the week, into your best day of the week? Let's be honest, as much as we like to hate on Mondays, we actually love it when it goes smoothly. Starting off the week right will set you up for success (for the week- one day at a time). So if you’re tired of hating on Monday, here’s some suggestions you can do on Sunday.



Clean Something

Whether its your car, closet or kitchen this will put you in the mindset of being organized and clean and it will reflect on the rest of your week.

Have a Workout Plan

Sunday is the real start to your week. Begin strong and active by getting a workout in and planning your workout for Monday. Even if this is just a 30 minute walk- be active! 

Make a To-Do List

-Write down all the big things and little things you need to get done. Not only does it feel good to cross them off, but writing them down will ease your mind.


Meal Prep Something Healthy

Pinterst easy recipes, go grocery shopping and make yourself a healthy meal. Even if there are days that you’ll be out wth coworkers, save these meals of dinner. 

Pack Your Workout Bag

Workout make it more of a commitment than just a thought. If you have the luxury to workout in the mornings, so ir and get it over with! If you’re an evening person, skip the traffic and workout instead. 

Plan Your Outfits

Check the weather and style yourself accordingly. This will make your mornings easier and you'll sleep better. Trust us.

other things we like to do on Sundays:

Touch base with family and friends

Clean out our purses


Face mask

Light a candle

Read a Verse 


Open a bottle of wine

If you're old school like us and like to write things down, download our TwoTwentySomethings Sunday Starter list and prep for the week with us!