St. Louis Glam Squad

My journey to being blonde was a rough one. In college, stylists weren't honest with me. They looked at my black hair and said they could do it- but what they really meant was they could do it and bleach my hair off in the process, or they could do it and it would be an orange/copper disaster. They just wanted my money. What I loved abut these girls were the they were completely honest with me from the get-go. If what I wanted as going to be too damaging or not the right color, they let me know and we figured something else out. Have you ever seen a hair stylist mix color? Or talk abut it? It’s seriously a science of it’s own. Go to someone who’s studied it right, snf know their art. Go to Michelle or Kate. Needless to say, they got me to my vision without frying my hair off and I could not have been happier. 



Anyone who know me knows that my nails are always done and always long. What helps keeps my nails long and strong is the gel dip powder that Chesterfield Salon and Spa offer. I haven't found it anywhere else in stl. The gel dip powder is better for your nails than cellac. It won’t destroy your nails when it comes off and they will never break. Seriously. I served in restaurants, worked out and did numerous activities without breaking my nails. I’ll admit, I'm probably really annoying during my appintments- I take 25 minutes to pick out my color and I ask for designs last time. But the one girl I can count on to always deal with me is my girl is Thao (pronounced Thao) She literally makers my nails flawless every time. 




Jen Spieser is who I call my skin doctor. Her med spa has been my sanctuary when my skin acts up. Whats great it that Jen got into the field because she ws inspired by her own battle with skin problems. Being registered nurse, Jen offers so much more than facials and tretements, she actually gives you advice on how you can better your health to improve your skin. She relates to you and is proof that her own regimens work. 




You've already read my blog about how amazing laura is right?! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my lashes. Laura knows what lashes are right for your specific eye. Your eye shape isn't the same as mine, so why would we wear the same lashes? Laura takes her time to make sure that she’s tailoring her work to fit you. Too many times girls get their lashes done and they end up looking like spider lashes… too long, not enough volume, and placed wrong. Don't make that mistake and waste all that money. Just got to Laura :)