Toe Touches

Jump Squats

Step Ups



Tricep Dips

This is your warm up! Get that heart rate going. 

Go for 1 min.

Rest for 10 seconds

Another round for 1 min.

Abs tight, strong quads, really focus on that squat when you reach the top.


Take the time to perfect your form. 

Go for 10

Rest for 30 seconds

Another for 10

Losing balance is easy with this one, but a tight core can help with that!


Engage your arms for momentum and balance- this is more cardio!

Alternate legs

Go for 20 total

Watch for your knee going over your toes, that’s a no-no.


Adjust your position, get as close to perpendicular as you can.


Remember to squeeze those glutes when you extend for some extra booty werk. 

Do 10 for each leg.

Elbows in, body straight.


Go as far down as you can to feel your shoulders and upper back engaged.

Go for 10

Rest 10 seconds

Another 10

Straight legs, deep dips.


Take advantage of your body as a weight.  

Go for 10

Rest for 10 seconds

Another 10

Get ta Steppin'


6 exercises on one step for a full body workout.

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