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5 reasons why I'll never regret being a sorority girl

I met my besties for the resties.

Everyone will tell you, you paid for your friends and it’s kinda true. But let me be the first one to say IT’S THE BEST LIFETIME INVESTMENT EVER. These girls will get you through some tough times. They’ll be your family when you’re too far from home, your shoulder to cry on when frat boys break your heart, and your partners in crime when you try to get in the bars as a sophomore. And after you graduate, you’ll experience the worst separation anxiety ever. Not only will you make these friendships in your chapter, but you’ll love girls in other houses too. 


When one door closes, 25 more open.

The community you enter when you decide to go greek is just GRAND. You meet upperclassmen who become your mentors and girls that have connections that you didn’t. A world of opportunity is suddenly accessible. Ask about clubs, committees, jobs, internships, traveling, careers, all that. ASK ASK ASK. I wish I asked more. Remember, you’ll never know who you’ll meet and you don't know who they know. Make genuine connections and you'll get far. 


Bigger is better.

Joining a NATIONAL institution is a big deal. So don’t think for a second that you’re just joining a house full of peppy, privileged, pretty chicks and that you won’t be held accountable for your actions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing opportunity but being a part of something bigger than yourself is humbling and terrifying at the same time. Yes, you do conform to the standards of your house but you know what that teaches you? Respect, order, hard-work, loyalty and gratitude. Don't let anyone ever tell you you’re not an individual… or you’re a follower…you’re conforming… or whatever petty comment they may make. Let them complain while you make moves with your sisters.



Standards as high as stilettos.

I owe my 3.8 GPA to the mandatory study hours that were required my freshman year…for sure.  The structure that my house gave me was irreplaceable. “Mandatory Study Hours” doesn't exactly sound like the freedom that comes along with college but understand this: You can still have freedom with structure. I don’t think I would have held my self to the same standards as my house did. It’s not punishment… it’s being set up for better. 

& lastly you're never alone

The thought of freedom and college is exciting until your parents drive off campus and you feel like a lost child inside Ikea. It's like when NFL players sign their first big contract but don't know what to do with all that money-  they go from riches to rags real quick. I'll tell you this though- your sisters won't let you get raggedy. They might let you be a little irresponsible during tailgates and formals but that's just a part of the fun. They'll be there when you're contemplating changing your major for the 3rd time, when you need a side job because your parents are making you pay dues, when you need a tutor because you're barely passing a class, when you need a workout buddy because spring break is coming up and when you really just need a friend. I'm not saying attach yourself to someone's hip. Nope...Be independent.. be a boss bitch-leading lady-always on the move-can't stop won't stop- type of chick. But when you're ready to be vulnerable, be human and let your guard down because college is hard... you're never alone. 

If you're going through recruitment, SNAPSSSS!!! Congratulations on making this amazing move for yourself no matter what house you're meant for. If you're an upperclassmen, I hope you understand the responsibility you have to be leaders for your new babies. And if you're just like me- a Mizzou Tri Delta Alum, reminiscing right now instead of adulting... you're not alone and I love and miss you all!