Stop Hunting, Start Living

It's been quite a while since I have blogged. For the past two months I have spent my mornings, afternoons and nights writing cover letters, emails and sending out my resume.

Trust me, I'd rather be blogging.

But, I'm here today to talk about the job hunt, post-grad style.

It is by no means an easy process. It takes up just as much of your time as it took to study for your finals. Connections help tremendously for those who have them, otherwise you start at ground zero. You feel awkward putting on a business suit because you're so used to over-sized frat daddy tanks and running shorts. For your first couple interviews you're the victim of word vomit, brain farts, and a severe case of the "ums". You disect your emails and cover letters until your eyes hurt and by the time you hit send, your palms are sweaty. When you score a first round interview but don't get invited back you think your personality sucks, which is awkward because... how do you fix that? When you score a second round interview but don't get the job you're proud of yourself for making it that far but hard on yourself for not being good enough...and you wonder who got the job instead...where they live...and if toliet paper is on sale...(kidding). Once you get to talking about salary, you do the math and figure out what you make hourly which makes you wonder why you can't just be a waitress for a career because you made way more money doing that.

It's a draining and stressful process and after four years of working your ass off to look good on your resume, you just. want. a. job. What I've learned from being on this rollercoaster... this literal job that you have to be patient, persistent, positive and proud.

-You're not the only applicant that HR is pursuing so being persistent is not the same as being annoying and being patient is not the same thing as lazy.

-You have to believe that everything happens for a reason and when one door closes there is always another door open. You just have to look for it.

-You have to be proud of yourself. You got this far through school and graduation and much more lies ahead of you.

Whether you're settling for a short-term job or on a journey to your dream job, keep the same end goal and don't lose sight of that. There is no right or wrong path, just the one you pave for yourself.

If we had everything figured out at 22, the rest of our lives would be predictable and boring. So as weird as this sounds, embrace this stressful time in your life and make the most of it. Learn every lesson, nail every interview and remember that its okay to be "lost" at 22.

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