My Favorite VMA Moments

From Miley's ass to Ariana's class, I'm giving MTV a thumbs up for this year's opening act, Ariana Grande. She started the night off right flawlessly singing her hit, Break Free, a huge jump in her career from the performing at the Pre-Show last year. And this diamond-studded piece...perfection.


WTF was written all over Rita Ora's face during Nicki's Anaconda routine. Risque, yes, but Nicki is Nicki and did anyone really expect anything other than a performance like this? She's a performer, let's leave it at that.

JLo's light-hearted laugh during Taylor's pause in her performance was just nice to see other stars appreciating eachother's humor.

Sam Smith was glorious during his act and had everyone in the crowd singing along to Stay With Me.


Rapper, Common, got on stage and reminded us of one tragedy that has consumed Ferguson, Missouri in the past two weeks. Having a moment of silence for Mike Brown was also a moment for us to realize how blessed we are and how precious life really is.


Ariana and Big Sean holding hands back stage was nothing short of adorable.


Tribute for the late-actor and comedian who, for most of his life, worked to spread laughter throughout the world. Robin Williams was remembered for a very brief but very important moment.


JLo introducing the Black Widow performance is a favorite becuase JLo is just fabulous. She clearly doesn't age and the glimmering dress turns it up about 100 notches.


Beyonce welcoming us into her world with that clever medley and epic performance. With chills from one number to the other, we were in tears when Jay Z and Blue-Ivy presented her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. What better way than to end the night with the Queen.

bey vma.jpg



Photo sources: US Magazine, etonline, hollywodlife, People Magazine Getty.

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