Newest E! Special Dishes Out Mouth Watering Celebrity Recipes

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If you love E! and love food, then you'll appreciate the newest E! special, Food Envy, which aired last night.

The cast of E! News takes you into the omes of your favorite celebrities to see what they can whip up in the kitchen. Hosts, Jason Kennedy along with co-host and chef Candice Kumai, kicked off the special at Barton G. restaurant in West hollywood where they share some of the over-the-top dishes you'll have to see to believe.

Find out Adam Sandler's signature dish, which NBA star has moves in the kitchen, and what one Pretty Little Liar is looking for at the Farmer's Market. Special guests also share tips on healthy eating so you can stay as fit and clean as they are. All this and more on the Food Envy.



Select Barton G. dishes below.

Sources: E! News, google images

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