Faith Restored by Good News Headlines

I woke up this morning to a headline that read: AMERICAN BEHEADED BY ISIS. A cold, piercing reminder of the world we exist in. The following headlines there after came in heavy and more disturbing than the last but couldn't hold my attention as I started to disjoin myself from the conversation. All of a sudden every news story became one big headline in my mind. I was denouncing mankind and digusted by the brutality that people were capable of. I allowed myself to do this for a couple minutes before I got on my computer and looked for light-hearted news that would do my the greatest favor and restore my faith in people.

Faith restored, here's what I found this morning on the Huffington Post...

Strangers Help Homeless, Single Mother Of 3 Turn Life Around. Now, She's Giving Back

homeless mother gives back.jpg

Man Receives Diploma 55 Years After Being Denied Graduation For Refusing To Accept Racism


Store Employee Ties Elderly Man's Shoe Strings (And Tugs At Our Heartstrings) In Viral Pic

shoe string.jpg

This Cop Saved A Girl's Life 20 Years Ago. Now, He's On His Way To Her Wedding

cop saves girl.jpg

Mom Asked For Pics Of Horses For Daughter With Disabilities. Bet She Didn't Expect This Surprise

horses for lex.jpg

Robin Williams Fulfilled Bucket List Wish For 21-Year-Old Mom With Terminal Cancer

Heroic Trucker Pulls Grandma, Little Girl From Flaming Wreckage, Saves Their Lives


The full stories were just as touching as the headlines. Visit the HuffPost Good News for complete stories.



Sources: HuffPost Good News, PBR


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