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What happens when you take photography skills, writing skills, a passion for fashion and three best friends?


Shannon Nelson, Maddie Moore and Stephanie Wolf are the creators of SMS_STL, a blog inspired by their love for fashion. About a month ago I came across Maddie Moore's blog,, announcing her collabrorration with Shannon and Stephanie. Maddie's excitement in her writing had me hooked and I was eager to see what the fashion enthusiasts planned on sharing through their blog.

The first SMS_STL post included vibrating pictures of the girls in their own vintage clothing, expressing their unique and individual style. I was in love with, not only the pieces they were modeling but, their desire to turn their engery and passion into a fun business.

I took the opportunity to contact the girls and ask to do a short promotion video for them because I believe in their work. It's young women like Maddie. Shannon and Stephanie that inspire and empower others to do what they love and share it with the world.

This Monday I was on set at their Summer Fashion Shoot. I was able to see what went into each photo shoot and how the girls worked together. It was a pleasure to work with them and I was able to capture great film. Here is the short promotion video I created. To see an extended version with an interview with girls, visit my videos tab.

Also, check out their blog!!

And follow them on Instagram: SMS_STL



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