Brown v. Williams...It's not a competition

In the past 48 hours headlines have been subject to two very important news stories: The Michael Brown murder and Robin Williams' death.

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Social media has been flooded with comments concerning both tragedies. People who feel for Michael Brown's family have spoken out and fans of Robin Williams have reminisced on his career. But, scrolling through my feed last night, some people were comparing the two men and their deaths, calling out people who acknowledged Williams' death but not Brown's. This made no sense to me because they are not comparable. The gravities of each situation is heavy, but not at all the same. I understand the importance of the Michael Brown case. I understand that parents are grieving and a community is hurting and people are tired of this happening. But, when an icon passes...someone who touched the lives of millions through his movies, stand-up comedy acts and involvement in philanthropies, that too deserves tribute. I'm not at all saying that one is more significant than the other. Both men deserve to be remembered, not used against each other.

And just to let you all know, there are a million other tragedies happening in the world that we aren't paying tribute to right now, but that doesn't mean they aren't important.

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