Rape is Glamorous...Said No One Ever Except For These Photographs

All dolled up, vested in jewels. Hair done, make-up done, flawless in every way. This young, beautiful model was dressed to the nines for a photo shoot that caused an uproar worldwide.

Photographer Raj Shetye is getting the heat for a recent photoshoot that evoked the 2012 New Delhi gang rape on a bus that ended with one woman brutally raped to her death and four men convicted.

This was brought to my attention by the Huffington Post during my routine social-network-binging-mornings. He claims he was not trying to glamourize rape but instead bring awareness to women's social conflicts in India.

That's why he used tags such as HOT, SEXY, REVENGE, and MALE for the photo on his website, according to bustle.com.


Also in his interview with the Huffington Post, Shetye accuses people of being swayed by public opinion without looking at the complete work...Hate to break it to ya Raj but that's what happens when you objectify women and try to make rape look fashionable.

Is he serious? I've taken semester long classes on women being objectified in the media. I've seen and learned how high fashion ads like those from Dolce and Gabana send the wrong message. He told the post that, "He feels his intentions have been misinterpreted by the public." But did he really not see this one coming?

Man oh man. Hope everyone had just as much of an informative morning as I did. Kinda.



Sources: Huffington Post, bustle.com.

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