In Loving Memory of a Soldier, Maleiha Carino

August 6, 2014

Last Thursday I woke up to a phone call from my mother who had devestating news. My baby cousin, Maleiha Carino, was losing her battle. She was diagnosed with Leukemia almost four years ago and after a tough fight she was ready to be with God. That Thursday, family and friends went to see her for one last visit. My dad left work early that day and went to the hospital with my mom. Sitting miles and miles away from Chicago where Maleiha was, I was alone with my thoughts and emotions. I was confused, angry, sad, irratble. I would fill up with rage then burst into tears. I didn't, and I still don't, understand why someone so young had to go so soon. I didnt understand why a mother and a father had to watch their only daughter suffer, or why her younger brother was losing his big sister. 


She passed the next day. August first is marked in my heart. She was no longer fighting or suffering. Her sweet soul left this world to be with all the angels up above and I know she's watching down on our family.


I don't know how God chooses his soldiers to fight his toughest battles, but she was God's soldier and man did she fight. She also got her driver's license, vacationed in Hawaii, won Prom Queen, graduated high school, and got accepted into every college she applied to. She was a rock star and now, she's the brightest star you'll see at night. 



A little colaboration of her photos are below. 

Music by Madilyn Bailey.




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