Dating Naked

If you missed it last week, tonight's the night to tune in for VH1's Dating Naked!

A rather odd way to start dating someone completely new but what's more honest than being on your first date naked? The show is set in Panama where contestants are encouraged to engage in actitivites set in the water, the jungle, on the beach...etc. Atleast it's not winter. As interested as I am after the first episode, I have to admit that 90 percent of why I watched was for the host of the show, Amy Paffrath. While the show was filiming in Panama she captured moments on the island that she shared via social media and this definetly built up excitement for the show to air.

Amy is an actress, TV host, and Mizzou Alum with much experience in the entertainment industry. It's women like Amy that remind me that my dreams are not crazy, or pointless, or impossible. They're doable. Amy's doing it and she's great! I cant imagine doing anything else than what Amy has been doing just like the rest of my idols and inspirations...Guiliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy, the entire cast of E! News basically. A cubicle and desk from 9-5? Not for me. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not me. The amount of hard work that it takes to get to where Amy has gotten is imense but I'm looking forward to it. If you love what you do then it's not work. If I can dedicate my time to a career that I'm passioante about then I won't mind endless nights looking over scripts, taking acting classes, auditioning day to day, and all the other stuff I have no idea about yet.

Back to the show...this is not my first and last blog about Dating Naked or Amy! After the first episode I'm dying to know how Wee Wee handles Joe's infatuation with Jasmine. It's only been the first episode and hearts are already breaking.

Also, it's National Tequila Day! Amy posted a drinking game on her instagram account (Amypaffrath)...cheers everyone!



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