A Nation in Mourning Serves As A Cold Reminder

Trains stopped in their tracks, flags flew half staff and a nation stood together in silence for the 193 Dutch victims on Malyasian Flight 17.

I watched this morning as CNN captured live footage and I could not fathom what was happening on the other side of the world. Planes were being shot down, families were being broken and no one knew why. I sat and wondered, how could this have happened...could it have been prevented? Who were the people on the flight? What were their names? What were their plans? Did it happen fast? Why them? Eventually I stopped wondering because I knew I wouldn't get any answers.

What I did get from all this though, was that your loved ones should never be taken for granted. Don't go to bed angry...life is too short for senseless agruments. Go the extra mile for them to show them how much they mean to you. And always tell them you love them, you can never say it enough. It's all stuff you've heard before but people seem to forget how precious life is. As sad as this is, tragic events like these should serve as a reminder. A reminder to smile at strangers, hold doors open, have family dinners and never miss a girls night out. Because one day, everything in your life might be different and you'll want these simplicities back.



dutch mourning.jpeg

Photo Credit: NPR.org

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