Who Will Actually Find USA's Newest Series "Satisfying"?

Thursday nights just became a little more provocative and a lot more insulting, to me anyway. Tomorrow at 10/9c USA will premiere their newest series that depicts what a "modern marriage" is. We're invited into the home of Neil and Grace Truman, a couple who has it all but still feels like they're missing something. While we see in the trailer that Neil seeks advice to cure his feelings of emptiness, we see that Grace seeks services with a younger, male escort...how modern...? Throughout the series we watch as Neil copes with his wife's affair by initiating a number of his own. The lies build as the affairs continue and getting their marriage back to the way it was seems like lifetimes and light-years away.

My question is, Why USA? Is this series actually based on real life couples who explore beyond their means and end up with betrayal? Is this meant to show couples that there is hope after infidelity? Is this supposed to make escort services and cheating more acceptable or forgiving? Where are you going with this one USA?

As much as I don't want to watch a show that goes completely against my morals and values of marriage, I can't help but wonder where this series is going. Then I want to know, how many couples can relate to Neil and Grace, since this is a modern day marriage depiction? What're their feelings about Grace's affair and Neil's reaction? Is this really what society has made modern marriage to be?

For as long as the drama runs, my judgment will be ongoing as their deceiving actions go completely against my values of marriage. Call me old school but if this is what I have to look forward to in a "modern marriage" I'll be opting out of that glorified mess.

The series premiere airs on USA tomorrow, Thursday July 17 at 10/9c.

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