Chapter 6

Hey everyone,

Thank you for visiting my newly published website. I've had a blast creating it and through this blog I'll be able to share my thoughts with you.

In the past two months have graduated college, quit my part-time job and found a new city to explore. I'm quickly adjusting to the changes in my life and the best way I know how to do that is to end this chapter and start a new one.

What excites me most about this new chapter...Chapter 6 as I call that I have no idea where it will take me. It won't be as easily written as the others. This chapter cannot be planned out in a school agenda or mold itself to school semesters. There is no guide, no plan, no promises. This chapter is not influenced by others' expectations; Only lead by my heart and my passions.

There are no walls that cannot fall or doors that can't be unlocked. In this chapter, the pages are blank and my pen is brand new.

Keep up with my pace as I chase my dreams; Follow me and my unwritten journey.

Be back soon.



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