What to Wear: Wedding Guests

Whenever wedding season comes around, you begin to slightly panic as a guest: is it a wish well or do they want presents? Is it home-based or destination? WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO WEAR!?


Do not fret, we are here to give you your do's, don'ts and suggestions for both men and women who are guests for your next wedding invitation.



  • Consider the color theme

  • Consider the location

  • Consider the weather

  • Dress comfortably and/or bring some flats to change into

  • Collaborate with other guests to see what they are wearing

  • Outshine the bride, stay away from being too bold or over sequenced

  • Wear Jeans / Gym Shoes

  • Wear white

  • Be revealing, politely be conservative

Here are some suggestions of what the guests wore to the most recent wedding we attended.


The theme was navy blue and blush pink, the wedding was taken place in Albuquerque New Mexico, and it was approximately 70 degrees outside.