Making Your Lashes Last

I always wait 48 hours before getting them wet.

-you want your adhesive to be completely dry and bonded to your natural lash before contacting water.

I religiously use a face towel.

-the days of washing your face like the Neutrogena commercials are over. Use a face towel to effectively clean around your eyes with minimal contact between your lashes and water.

I gently brush with spool.

-don't let dirt weigh your lashes down. Gently brush with a spool keeping them clean and fluffy.

I avoid eye makeup at all costs.

-put down the mascara!! If you've been lashed properly, you won't feel the need to wear any mascara. I also avoid eyeshadow and eyeliner as much as I can. Your lashes should be the focal beauty point of your eyes. Don't mask them with make-up.

I avoid oil-based products

-oil will break the adhesive bond. Also note that oily skin can contribute to faster shedding as well. 

I sauna instead of steam.

-don't ditch your spa therapy... just switch it up. The sauna is a better option because it's dry. 

& I don't cry over boys.

If you're looking to get lashed anywhere in the STL area- Laura is your girl. Without a doubt, her work is done with precision and care. Her clients are her masterpiece and we contacted a few to show and tell...

Why we love Laura

"Not only is Laura the absolute biggest sweetheart in the world but she truly cares what her clients want! If I go in and want my eyelashes extremely full and long, or more natural, she always gets them exactly how I ask! Having extensions makes my make up routine so much easier. I feel like when you have no mascara on is when you have that "dead" look and with extensions you always feel like you look alive and pretty! I can just throw on some powder and run out the door if I need to!"

-Sara J.

"She makes it personal and doesn't make you feel like just another client. Laura makes it comfortable to have an open dialogue so you aren't just sitting their in silence."

-Hollie A.

"I  absolutely love going to Laura for my lash extensions. She is professional, yet so personable. Professional is the sense that she uses the best technique and product to ensure long lasting/durable extensions. Laura not only makes the experience a relaxing one, but you can also tell she genuinely cares about her clients."

-Amanda B.

"I can get out of bed and it looks like I've already done my makeup."

-Dani B.

* depending on the products used, your shed cycle, skin type and daily activities, your results may very.



Every 3-4 weeks I go in for my lash fill and to my esthetician's surprise I have many of my lashes still on. While 

the high quality products used on my lashes are part of the reason, I have a few tips to making my lashes last...

"At first I was nervous about 2 things: 1) that my natural lashes would be ruined after getting extensions and 2) I've seen some pretty awful lash jobs- the spidery looking lashes...too long and not full enough. After my first extension job, my lashes were BEAUTIFUL. Full, long and perfectly shaped for my eye. No spider lashes on this girl! Between my fills, I made it a point a couple times to let all my extensions fall out to see my natural lashes again and they are exactly the same. Strong and full. The products that Laura uses are top quality and not harmful. She truly cares about her clients and business and it shows in her work.

What I love about eyelash extensions are that my makeup routine has completely changed. What use to take me 30 minutes now takes me 5. I stopped wearing so much make up because I already feel pretty with just my lashes on. The most I wear now is a lip and tinted moisturizer. The last fill I had was right before my cousin's destination wedding and I'm so glad that I did. Between the island heat, water activities and getting dolled up for the wedding itself, these lashes saved me so much time, looked amazing and were so comfortable to wear. I don't think I'll ever go on a vacation again without extensions." 

Instagram: @lashed_bylaura | Book an appointment by call/text: (843) 245-2608 | Located in STL | 

"I got them done right before my sister's wedding because they look much better than the glue on strips of lashes. You can't even feel them on your eyelids and they require very little maintenance. Having them already done eliminated some steps to getting ready for the wedding/getting ready every day which makes things easier too."

-Allie F.

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