JSCxMannyMUA Collab Review

After being sold out within 20 minutes of its launch, one of your TwoTwentySomethings was  able to get her hands on the long-awaited, Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA collaboration bundle...and “Daddy,” “I’m Shook!”


This bundle came with one skin frost (or in other words a blinding highlighter) and two velour liquid lipsticks. These can be purchased either as a bundle for $50, or separately, $18 for the lipsticks and $29 for the skin frost. Currently, the bundle is sold out, but all items can be purchased still here


On to the review!


From the left, is the Manny's signature crescent moon with Jeffree's star cover slip. The matte black box below with the smaller logos is the actual makeup kit. This pink box on the right photo, is what you will get in the mail. It is secured with bubble wrap and cute Manny MUA and Jeffree Star logos. 

When you open the package you will be greeted with a holographic casing the cute products. From left to right: “Daddy” a cool tone brown, “Eclipse” a frosty champagne peach, and “I’m Shook” a medium tone burnt coral/mauve (Referencing the right photo).

These are the items that come in the kit out of it's packaging.

This is the skin frost front, then back label. it is 0.15 gr. / 0.53 oz, which is a HUGE amount of product for your money. 

These are the velour liquid lipsticks. It is Paraben & Gluten-Free / 0.19 oz. All of these products are 100% vegan & cruelty-free! 

These are the swatches, top: I'm Shook, middle: Daddy, and bottom: Eclipse.


The liquid lipsticks have a very creamy formula and are super matte, very velvety. After letting the formula dry, you can test if it will come off by gently patting your lips with your fingers, and there you'll see no residue on your fingers. When removing the product from the tube, it takes out just enough, so you do not have to dunk back in for more. One application is enough to cover the entire surface of your lips. 


Eclipse is an amazing formula where one swatch is LEGIT BLINDING. Use a fan or round tip brush for application.


*Reference, the model pictured has a more yellow undertone.

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