Hydrating Skin Mask: IDewCare

Recently, we were referred to try out a new skin care line, IDewCare. This is a Korean skin care line that features products that aids in hydrating, clarifying and combats aging of the skin. One of the things that stood out compared to other Korean products is the fun textures and colors comes in, such as iridescent, black with glitter and illuminating pearl. We tried out one of the three featured skin masks: Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask. 

This "Holographic mask that boosts skin with hydration and retains moisture levels. Makes for the perfect selfies to show off your next-level skincare game".

The black tub is space kitten and the purple tub is sugar kitten, the mask we will be reviewing. Application of this at home, peel-off mask is best applied with the I Dew Care, silicone applicator retailing for $8 USD. 

Leave mask on for 30 minutes to dry and peel off mask.

On to the Review:

This mask was the utmost beautiful color ever. In the bottle, the serum it will have a hue of green, but once applied, it will shimmer a pearly iridescent purple. Application with the applicator made this a one and done sweep across the face.

I would compare the consistency to watered down honey: sticky with thinner consistency. I applied a layer on my face, which was enough to cover the surface of my skin, but not too thick where it leaves thick glops of the mask. This is 100% mermaid approved This left my skin so hydrated and soft.  I typically would use this once a week on top of my regular skin routine.


 Regular size jars retail for $23 USD. If you are unsure about purchasing the full size, there is a Mini Trio Set that includes all three types of masks for $19 USD. You can find these products at Urban Outfitter, Ulta, or Memebox.com.