How to Help Hurricane Victims

Our hearts go out to all the people affected by recent natural disasters, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

To help, we’ve narrowed down a few sources that will take you to credible charities dedicated to helping these victims.

**We highly suggest either going through these accredited sources, or doing your research- unfortunately some people take advantage of these tragedies. 


How to Help Harvey Victims

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How to Help Irma Victims

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What these tragedies taught us...again.

1. What it means to really lose something.

We've all freaked out before when our phones have a glitch and we lose our photos- we also didn't buy extra iCloud storage so now our memories are basically gone forever. But thinking about the Hurricane victims, can you imagine what memories they've lost?? On a list of neccessary items to bring, we doubt photo albums, scrapbooks and pictures frames were at the top. Imagine having to leave those behind. The lesson to be learned here- store your memories somewhere safe. Pay the extra 99 cents a month for more storage, realize what you CAN control and just do it, and most importantly LIVE in the moment so that your memories can really last forever. 

2. We have more than we think.

Our morning routines usually involve us thinking " I have nothing to wear" as we stare at our closets full of clothes. Everyone's thought it, said it, but we're going to change it starting now. You're not living out of a suitcase. Make the most of what you have, get creative and play dress up.  

3. Don't take your home for granted.

You might hate where you live... you're bathroom could be nicer, closet bigger, pool prettier... but know that you have a place to sleep at night, a roof over your head, working electricity and running water. 

4. Have a plan.

Do you live in a part of the country susceptible to natural disasters? It's so important to have a general plan of what you would do when these storms hit. Don't think, "it won't happen to me". Do you have family or friends in another state? Can you work remotely? Do you have transportation to leave if you have to? What would you do? Where would you go? Think about it.

5. Save money for the unthinkable.

If something like this happens, do you have money saved up to buy a ticket out of town? To pay for hotels and food when you're in limbo? Having a savings account for emergencies only is so critical. Not just for disasters like this but for family emergencies, medical emergencies, etc. 

6. Listen to the news and authorities.

We know the news is depressing and we don't like it either but people who tracked these storms, knew its potential, and listened to evacuation instructions had an advantage to get out sooner and safer. Don't put yourself in a position to be uninformed- sign up for news alert text messages, listen in the morning, etc. 

7. Material things don't matter.

At the end of the day, every THING you have right now can be taken away. My laptop I'm writing on, the clothes we have, the Kylie Lip Kits, the jewelry we wear, our workout gear, prized trophies, old photos, all that. Focus on the things that aren't material and you'll be better off in any situation you face. Focus on the relationships you have with loved ones, your mental health, spiritual connections and a positive thought process. None of these can be taken away from you if they're a part of you.