From Drab to Fab: Hair Transformation

Raise your hands if you are/have been a victim of ultimate hair color gone wrong? Not many people realize that when you color your hair, it becomes a major investment. If you do not keep up with your color treated hair, your hair will become your worse enemy.


I have gone through countless amounts of salons from high-end salons, to your local neighborhood haircutter. Through extensive research and referrals, I have found my hair savior. Steven Troung is a Chicagao, IL, based hairstylist (his information is listed below).

I contacted Steven via text message and we set up a date for my consultation. Our meeting was held outside because he felt that the natural sunlight will give him a true impression of what my hair actually looks like. After a thorough assessment of my hair, he advised me to treat my hair with high-quality shampoo and a conditioning mask before scheduling a date for my appointment (see products below). He suggested around 3-4 weeks of treating and taking care of my hair to increase the strength and hydration.

Hair Products:


Joico Brightening Mask - Ulta: $19.99


Joico Brightening Shampoo - Ulta: $16.99


Ibiza brushes - IbizaHair: $52

- OR -


CHI: Turbo Round Boar Brush - Ulta : $21.00

 “The round brush will help you create more shape when you blow dry, [as compared to] a paddle brush, [it] would not give you enough tension to smooth [out] your hair” –Steven.

After 4 weeks of treating my hair at home, I finally scheduled my appointment with Steven. I had a 3:00 PM appointment and it was estimated to take about 4 hours for the entire process. We finalized our plan of action, all-around color correcting process, keeping my natural root color and toning my hair to a caramel bronde balayage.


Steven performed his magic by blending out the 5 different tones in my hair from past horrifying experiences at other salons. He also dusted (trimmed) the ends of my hair for that overall healthy look.


Below on the left is the inspiration picture found on Pinterest and right is my final product:

*I toned down my blonde tips and wanted a more blended balayage

Before & After:

Overall I was 110% satisfied with the product. My hair has not looked or felt this healthy in a long time. I felt refreshed.

Quick Tips:

1. Always research and ask around for referrals.


2. See if a hairstylist has social media platforms for examples of their work and their before and after pictures. Read up on their reviews.


3. Once you find a hairstylist, it is important to establish trust in the relationship. You both need to be on the same level of understanding of what exactly will be done to your hair. The more detailed you are about what you want, the more you stylist knows where you are coming from.


4. Establish a plan: what exactly do you want, find pictures, use Pinterest, understand your current hair situation, and budget your time and money.


5. Follow hair care instructions your hairstylist provides for you.

If you are in the Chicago area and looking to get an amazing color and cut, here are ways to get more information:

Steven Truong

Instagram: @steepend
Phone: (312) 593-4071