February Favorites

The first week of March is over, but we want to take a look back at the month of February. During this month, we made many amazing discoveries that we want to share with you! In no particular order, check our our list of our monthly favorites.

Fatima's Favorites

Joel Osteen App

Downloading this app was a gateway to a wealth of daily inspiration. If you’re a believer, you’ll want to download this app and start every morning with the Word of the Day.


100 Days to Brave

Another source for daily motivation is this adorable book. Each day, for 100 days, this book encourages you to read one page about bravery. The author’s personalty shines through her literature and it feels like you’re listening to your girlfriend give just the right advice. 


Better Than Sex Mascara

If you’re not into the extensions and strips, we promise this is the mascara you’ve been looking for! Your lashes are going to see new lengths and volume that they’ve never seen before.


Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer

We’re trying something in 2018- skin first, makeup second. And with that, we discovered how mazing this tinted moisturizer is. Go to Sephora, get color matched and we’re this baby all day long without feeling the weight. 

Rochelle's Favorites

The Alchemist

Emerge yourself into a young man's journey of finding his true destiny. This book not only tells a story of this character, it engages readers to question what their "Personal Legend" is. Catch the single sentences that blow your mind away about finding yourself in this thing called life.

Compression Socks

Finding yourself working/standing on your feet for hours a day? These are literally a blessing in disguise. You see athletes wear these to help better their circulation, but it can benefit everyone! Decreases swelling, aches and pains as compared to your printed cat socks.

Garfield Conservatory

A photographer and plant-lovers dream! Located in Chicago, IL,  this indoor botanic garden features plant life of all types of climates. From the Palm House to the Desert House, you'll definitely find something you'll enjoy.

VaniCream Lotion

My most favorite find is this lotion. Perfect for sensitive, mild-severe dry skin. Absorbs quickly and does not leave behind greasy residue. This product is non-comedogenic meaning is does not cause blackheads. No fragrance.

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