Brandy Melville Inspired Signs

We see them hidden in the back drops of every #instafamous posts, but where can we snatch one of them? These cute room signs are a staple of many Instagram pics of either the owners handle or a qwerky life quote. 


Many of these girls tag the store that creates these signs, the majority of them are from a company called WeatherDesigns. If you are down to purchase click here

For all you DIY babes out there we have an alternative. We have created our own signs with a step by step guide.

Check it out!

Gather Materials:

Planks of wood, paint, brushes, painters tape, scissors, tarp/garbage bags to protect floor.

Stencil it Out:

Get to Painting:

Check out the Full Video:

*Special thanks to Mareliz Gallogo for filming and editing our video*