Distress & Destress

Who knew that distressing jeans could be somewhat therapudic? We found that distressing your old jeans leave you with two things: a new look and relaxed mind.

How To:

What You Need

Scissors, white color tool (we used a crayon) and tweezers.


Make your Mark

Using your white coloring tool, make marks on your pants where you’d like to distress.


Make Your Cuts

Be very careful to NOT CUT THE SEAM of your pants. Cut a straight line on your marks.


Like this!

Create Your Frays

Gently pulling along the fresh cut, you’l notice fears starting to appear. Keep pulling till your are satisfied with the look.


Another Tip

You can also use scissors to fray the edges.


For A More intriquite Distress

Cut multiple lines of your jeans fairly close to each other. Make sure they are straight.


What You Need

Scissors, white color tool (we used a crayon) and tweezers.


Where Therapy Begins

Gently pull apart one piece of cut fabric. See the division within the jeans?


Tweeze Away

Using tweezers, carefully pull each of the vertical frays from the jean. Becareful not to rip the line of fabric that you're pulling from. Pull a couple at a time. Once you get comfortable you can pull out chunks. But do not rush this.


Don't Be Discouraged

It will look like this once you're done, but this is not the final look! After one wash, the distress will look like how you envisioned them!


How'd your jeans turn out? If you're happy with your distressin' wear your new jeans and tag us!!