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About Us

Two twenty-something-year-old bloggers from Chicago, IL just trying to survive our twenties while spreading positive vibes and sharing it all.


Our goal is to share our passions and experiences while also discussing relevant and relatable issues that our audience also encounters.

We love feedback and we hope you enjoy our posts!

Meet Your Bloggers

Having the best of both worlds, Fatima grew up in the suburbs and the city of Chicago before she left for college at the University of Missouri- the true beginning for her trials and tribulations of being in her twenties. Now 25 and living in Scottsdale, Fatima uses Two Twenty Somethings as an outlet to share her quarter life experiences with the hopes that other girls can relate to her rollercoaster.

Your typical type A personality navigating a constantly changing world. Rochelle graduated from Herzing University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing. She's always trying out the newest trends, a self proclaimed foodie, but also loves the comfort of being at home with family and friends. Through the lens of a nurse, Rochelle hopes to provide a different perspective to Two Twenty Somethings.