Shopping for your dorm/supplies is probably the most exciting part of the COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. Here are our Top 5 Places to shop for back to school.

This is not in any specific order of ranking.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Target



5. Walmart

This place not only has everything you need for back to school, it literally has everything under the sun! They always have a printable coupon on their website or you can join their email/mailing list for a 10%-20% discount. Students are able to ship their items from their home store to the nearest BBB to their school. 

The culprit for "I'm only going to buy one thing..." -- Comes out with a cart full of items -- FACE PALM! Their back to school area is in their seasonal section as if it's a holiday like Halloween or Christmas. They always have great deals, especially if you utilize their Cartwheel App. On top of their weekly deals, their app has special deals/coupons you can save and use at checkout.

This website is a recent discovery that has us wishing we were back in our campus dorm rooms. They took dorm decor to a whole new level! They have everything to make your small space into a comfy and aesthetic living area, which will be worth coming back for a quick nap between classes.

If shopping in the store, please utilize the store map -- YOU WILL GET LOST! This store is huge, but definitely customer/builder friendly so that you can build that bed frame for your campus apartment in seconds. This store is more for furnishing your living space and let your inner interior designer out. They have reasonably priced furniture that makes you happier than snacking on their popular Swedish meatballs in their food court.

The ultimate bae for affordability. Walmart is stepping up their furnishing game for college students. Their products are becoming aesthetically pleasing and Instagram worthy. They have all you need for back to school such as notebooks, USBs, folders, etc. for a price next to nothing.

Click on the logos to be directed to their Back to School Page!

Disclaimer: These are our opinions about personal experiences with the stores and not affiliated with the companies.