25 x 25 

Things to Know by Your Quarter Life

1. Friendships, quality > quantity.

This is a compiled list of things we found that are important to know before and at the time you hit the age of 25 years old.

2. Your Parents.

3. Staying in.

4. Being a "yes-woman" is not always the best idea.

5. Dental Hygiene.

6. Money Managing.

7. With increasing age, comes great responsibility.

8. Relationships takes WORK.

9. Failures, sh*t happens.

10. Timing: past, present, future.

Remember in high school where everyone practically knew everyone and the more friends you had, meant popularity? Well, sorry not sorry, but having a small trusting circle of friends is all you need. Your circle basically becomes your own family.

As we get older, so do our parents. It is so important to remember them, especially now. They have nurtured, guided, taught, opened your eyes, embraced you and all your flaws before anyone else. Tell them you love them and hug them as often as possible. Thank them every now and then because if it weren't for them, well... you wouldn't really be here.

In our college days, we were counting down the hours of the day until we can go out and party to forget how annoying our Chem professor was. But now, staying in with wine in the biggest glass we have in our pantry sounds alright to me, and that is okay. You save so much money and you're well rested for an early morning, or even better, breakfast.

It is fun to try everything and anything under the sun but is also okay to say no. You know your limits, so when it's time to give your friends that hard pass, stick to it and stand your ground. They will respect your decision. 

Go to the dentist girl! It ain't cute if you neglect your pearly whites. Your lips, teeth, and smile are the first things that others notice when you have a conversation. A visit once a year is good enough just to be up-to-date with everything. Don't forget to floss, if neglected it can lead to scary things in the future....gingivitis!

We are big girls now, it's time to pay for rent, car insurance, health insurance, groceries, and those damn student loans. It's time to get serious on how everything is budgeted. Being able to manage money will help you plan for the expected and unexpected. 

Accountability and responsibility are vital as we enter this age. This is more than doing our own laundry and cooking our own food. You may have someone looking up to you or you have to take care of someone or something that depends on your reliability.

Relationships are not 100% magical fairy tales, it is brutally hard work from both parties. It will be a constant push and pull so that eventually you both will either understand each other, or it just doesn't work out. If you love them, don't give up, but remember they have to put in just as much effort as you.

One day you'll find yourself in a hole, that you put yourself in. Things like this will happen, and you have to pick yourself faster than you fell in the first place. Brush yourself off and keep moving forward. You will be the only thing that gets in the way of success.

The universe works in mysterious ways. So appreciate your past, indulge in your present, and plan for your future. Things will work out, you just have to understand that you are partially responsible for your outcomes, the rest is just the universe.

11. Knowledge is learned.

12. Dress for the Occasion.

13. Your Health.


No body likes a know it all. Accept that you still have many things to learn in your life. This could be through continuing education, trial, and error, or someone telling you how it is. Over all, life will constantly teach your new things about the world around you, especially about yourself.

You are an adult. Please start dressing appropriately for the occasion; like wear nice slacks and a button-up/blouse for your interviews or sundress to a wedding, not your clubbing dress with the sequence from 2012.

15. Do you Know your Credit Score?

By 26 years of age, you will be officially booted off your parent's health insurance and it's time to really take your health seriously. Think about your annual check ups and physicals, these are necessary for you to have in order to keep yourself healthy. Bills will rack up if you just go the emergency room for every little thing.

Good job for utilizing your research skills you've learned in college, but it's time to find a health care professional if you are indeed, sick as a dog. Usually, if symptoms persist for more than a week, you need to consult your doctor. You do not have a rare disease in which you are going to die tomorrow, but if you think you do, go to your doctor and ask.

We are at that age where we will be making bigger purchases other than our weekly groceries. May be you're thinking of buying a new car or invest in a new place. Regardless, it is important for you to understand what your credit score really means. Check out Credit Karma to see your current standing. This can be done online, or an App. It's very simple and user-friendly. Also, it will help you define all the terms that you may not understand. (Disclaimer: not endorsed or affiliated with Credit Karma. These are our personal opinions/reviews).

16. Put Your Phone Down.

17. Find a Career, Not a Job

18. Have at least More than a Fourth Tank of Gas.

19. Keep a Piggy Bank. 

20. Moisturize > Make Up

In this booming age of technology, we need to be reminded that there are so many things happening right in front of us, but we are blocked by that tiny, life consuming rectangular device. Enjoy life as it is in front of you, enjoy the company of others who are there with you.

Jobs come and go, but a career is what you are passionate about. It is something that inspires you every day. Finding it will take time, effort and dedication, but once you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

Do not let it get to the point where your car's gas light goes on. It may be just the worst Monday of your life, or you are stuck in a snow storm, but it is important to always have some gas in the tank. Treat 1/4 of gas as empty, it will help you in those times of actually needed that last drip.

Remember your cute little piggy bank when you were a kid? Well, keep that! Yes, you're an adult and have a checking/savings account, but having some emergency cash is always helpful. Add some money every day and let it accumulate. You never know when you may need it.

The Korean Beauty community is getting it right. Your skin's health is essential for your flawless makeup. Depending on your skin type, it's vital to make sure your skin is hydrated with enriching moisturizer, daily. If not, makeup can potentially make your skin worse and lead to acne and clogged pores.

20. Moisturize > Make Up

21. No one Cares what You Did that One Year.

22. Caffiene Will Not Solve Your Problems.

23. Anxiety Can Kick In, but You Will Be Okay.

24. Stay Spiritually Connected.

25. Love Yourself.

What ever you did in the past, it's in the past. The more you dwell on what already happened will stop you from moving forward. Your actions now define who you are.

Caffeine definitely helps give you a little pick me up in the morning and later afternoon, but a full nights rest and a lot of hydration are way healthier than drinking 10 cups of coffee. You'll end up with jitters and nothing done if you did.

Having some anxiety is healthy, but having it all the time can stop you from getting things done. Just remember to take slow deep breaths, don't be too hard on yourself, and go one step at a time.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, staying spiritually connected: mind, body, and spirit can help you get through the toughest times. Having any types of belief system, or system of peace and tranquility will enable you to relax and carpe diem.

The outcomes, from events to people, in your life, reflect the respect you have for yourself. Find yourself, love yourself, appreciate who you are and what you have/will become. Nurture your mind by pointing out your best qualities, and improve your weaknesses. Once you love who you are, the world is at your hands.